What is Payables?

Payables is a full complete software that can help to record all the transactions related to Buyer and suppliers as well as help to manage the cash flow management of the company with various other interesting features.

'Who is it for' or 'Who could benefit from it'?

Basically, this software is for every type of business and company in the world.

Who all are our potential clients or on whom should we focus?

All the "Owners", "Accountants" and every indiidual who does any buiness doesnt matter it is small or big.

Cost comparison from our competitors?

Payables are 10x cheaper than its competition. Where competition is charging 4000 pm from companies, our plans start from 400 pm per user. Special prices for early clients.

Do we get any Trial period before we start paying?

A new user gets 1- month free period to use all the features of the software and charges starting after next month where customers can choose term period from monthly, semi-annually or yearly basis.

Is it easy or difficult for a new customer to understand?

Ans: It is very easy to understand and no accountancy knowledge is needed to operate the software. Only basic computer knowledge is needed.
Note: To understand completely watch Tutorial Video on the website.

How and when will the salary be calculated and credited to the account?

Ans: Commission is calculated on the basis of the salary table and will be calculated & credited once every 2 months. The commission will be provided for an Unlimited period until the client's subscription is valid.

What all is not showing in what permissions ?

Owner by default has everything shown here, manager only gets to see results from his own teams and doesnt have access to settings. and approver has
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