Token Utility
DappRadar community members with RADAR in their Web3 wallet can use the token in various ways. Itā€™s a utility token that also allows community members to contribute in building The Worldā€™s Dapp Store of the future.
  • ā€‹Governance - Use RADAR to create proposals for the future development of DappRadar. Everybody can participate in the creation process, and RADAR token holders have voting rights.
  • ā€‹Staking - By providing liquidity in the ETH-RADAR liquidity pool on SushiSwap users will receive LP tokens. They can stake these LP tokens to earn RADAR.
  • ā€‹DappRadar PRO - Community members with 5000 RADAR tokens in their wallet will unlock exclusive access to analytics, data, features, content and reports. Providing liquidity in the ETH-RADAR pool on SushiSwap also unlocks DappRadar PRO.
  • Payments - DappRadar accepts RADAR as a payment option for commercial or promotional services
This list doesnā€™t include future utility or features not yet developed. In the near future community members can receive RADAR tokens as a reward for their contributions. We will call this Contribute2Earn. Decisions by either DappRadar or the community can push the utility of the RADAR token in new directions.
Last modified 20d ago
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