Token Utility
DappRadar community members with RADAR in their Web3 wallet can use the token in various ways. Itā€™s a utility token that also allows community members to contribute in building The Worldā€™s Dapp Store of the future.
  • ā€‹Governance - Use RADAR to create proposals for the future development of DappRadar. Everybody can participate in the creation process, and RADAR token holders have voting rights.
  • ā€‹Staking - By providing liquidity in the ETH-RADAR liquidity pool on SushiSwap users will receive LP tokens. They can stake these LP tokens to earn RADAR.
  • ā€‹DappRadar PRO - Community members with 5000 RADAR tokens in their wallet will unlock exclusive access to analytics, data, features, content and reports. Providing liquidity in the ETH-RADAR pool on SushiSwap also unlocks DappRadar PRO.
  • Payments - DappRadar accepts RADAR as a payment option for commercial or promotional services
This list doesnā€™t include future utility or features not yet developed. In the near future community members can receive RADAR tokens as a reward for their contributions. We will call this Contribute2Earn. Decisions by either DappRadar or the community can push the utility of the RADAR token in new directions.
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